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The settling in continues

22 Jun

One inch. One lousy damn inch. That’s how much more space I needed in my office to fit my desks and bakers rack the way I wanted them. So, I had to run out to get a new, narrower, bakers rack for the servers. Dammit. Oh well, when I move the original chrome rack into the garage, I’ll have one of the spiffiest garage shelving units in the neighborhood, I guess.

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The move to Irving

17 Jun

Well, it’s 90 degrees outside today, but it’s actually quite nice! If the humidity would stay this low all summer, then I wouldn’t be so nervous about living here … but I know it won’t stay like this for long!
The apartment is coming along. Both bathrooms, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the living room are done. All I have left is the office, and all the CDs/DVDs/books that are in boxes in the dining room. The garage is halfway there. It’s neat and I’m able to pull the truck in, but it’s not arranged the way I want it yet.

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