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29 Jul

Littering pisses me off. Why is it that many people feel it’s ok to just drop their garbage anywhere they feel like it? Actually, that may be an exaggeration … usually people only drop small items, and only where they feel it’ll be picked up. Like, the side of the highway. People clean that up, right? Or, the McDonalds parking lot. Part of their job is upkeep of the property, right? Well, allow me to say it right here … bullshit.

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Local Flavor

27 Jul

When I was out the other day, I picked up a free magazine inside the vestibule of a shop. Usually, these are freebies with a lot of ads for local shops, and a few fluff articles, and they give you a little local flavor. This one was different. It’s called “Inform”… tagline: “It shows when you’re not informed”. On the bottom of the cover, it says “Supplement to the Dallas Morning News”, which is a respectable (non-tabloid) local paper, as far as I can tell. More like the Boston Globe than the Herald. Anyway, this magazine was all about appearance … ads for and articles about cosmetic surgery places, cosmetic dentistry, where to get makeovers, get your face done, your belly lipsuctioned, your boobs done, and your teeth fixed. THEN, you’ll be informed, apparently. And, until then, it’ll show. Actually, I guess I got my local flavor after all.

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14 Jul

There’s a lot of talk lately about this 8-year-old boy that was attacked by a bull shark in Pensacola Florida this week. It’s sad that the kid is hurt, and I don’t wish that on anyone, but I sure wish people would shut the fuck up.
There are “experts” and biologists on TV, explaining that bull sharks are vicious animals. There are people talking about solutions to the “shark problem” (which, invariably, will mean violence toward sharks). All of this disturbs me.

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Getting a driver’s license

02 Jul

Jesus Christ! Want to kill an afternoon? Bring a vehicle from out of state, then try to get it registered and get a driver’s license. I killed 4 hours today. It went something like this:

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