Getting a driver’s license

02 Jul

Jesus Christ! Want to kill an afternoon? Bring a vehicle from out of state, then try to get it registered and get a driver’s license. I killed 4 hours today. It went something like this:

1) Get insured in the state of TX [ok, so I was smart enough to know I needed this first]
2) Get the vehicle inspected at a State Inspection agent. [I just bought the thing in February, so my Mass inspection was pretty damn current!]
3) Go to the state driver’s licence agency, and stand in line for 1 hour at the “stop here first!” desk
4) At that desk, I was informed that since I owned a vehicle, I needed to get it registered first. No, you don’t have to own a vehicle in order to get a driver’s license… but if you do, then it has to be registered before they’ll license you to drive. Hanh?
5) Proceed to the County tax assessor’s office to get plates. Yes, that’s right… it’s not a state agency that registered the car, it’s a county agency. If it was a state agency, I could have done it at the driver’s license agency. There is no consolidated “Motor Vehicles” department.
6) After the vehicle is registered, go back to the driver’s license agency again, to get the license. To do this, by the way, in addition to taking my picture and capturing my signature, they captured each of my thumb prints on a reader. Nifty.
Yes, the whole ordeal took 4 hours. One interesting thing of note: At the county office, they filled out the paperwork, not me. It wasn’t tough stuff, but apparently, there’s enough confusion from the general population that they have just decided to resort to oral exam, while they take dictation.
So… with that done, I guess I’m really a resident now. My MA license, registration, and plates are already on their way back the the Commonwealth.

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