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The Upcoming Election

30 Aug

Chris Matthews from MSNBC’s Hardball was on the Bill Maher Show over the weekend, and he had a great point. He said “I don’t see how anyone can be undecided on this vote. The candidates come from two radically different sides.”
This is an excellent point, and I’d like to state it a different way. If you want Bush for 4 more years, great. I question your sanity, but whatever. If you don’t want Bush for 4 more years, then you absolutely must go out and support Kerry. Failure to act will result in George W(hat a fuckhead) Bush being in the office, fucking up this country, for 4 more years. We’ll be dealing with the shit he’s done in the last 4 for a long time to come. Regardless of how you feel about this nonsense argument about Kerry’s Vietnam record (a war Bush didn’t participate in), do you really want a 30 year old question to decide what happens for several more? I don’t.
Tom tomorrow recently had a great strip on the vote.

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The other blog

16 Aug

If you’re a friend/family member that comes here for the occasional entry about our personal lives (such as the house hunting process), please check for that stuff. will be Kyle’s “ranting place”. I hope you’ll still read KyleBits, but it’s not the channel to tune into for “human interest” news. 🙂

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13 Aug

Have I ever mentioned how awesome TiVo is? Laura got me one for my birthday last summer, and it changed the way we watch TV. I don’t watch all that much, but at least with TiVo, something I want to watch is always on. I just bought a second one for the office (where the treadmill lives), and it has this super cool feature that allows me to record a show on one TiVo and watch it on the other. The show gets transferred over the wireless network. Love it.
TiVo is running 2 specials right now. The first one is a $100 mail-in rebate. So now is a good time to buy. The other special is a referral bonus. If you end up buying a TiVo because of my rave about it (and if you’re not sold, just talk to me… I can rave about it), please use me as a referral. The email address I used to register is .

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