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Yeah, but it’s VB

14 Apr

Don’t tell anyone, but despite the fact that my current contract is in VB6, I’m actually enjoying myself. While at HV, I would go days, sometimes weeks, without being able to write and code. On this gig, I’ve been nothing but productive, cranking out a TON of code. It’s so nice, I’m almost able to forget it’s VB! (Ok, so not entirely. I had to write a “smart” Collection class because VB’s sucks, and I’m having to jump through the non-deterministic-form-load hoops. ugh.)

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Dallas to OKC

12 Apr

Flights from Dallas to Oklahoma city are amusing. It is a whopping 1/2 hour of flight time. It’s like “here’s how you work your seat belt. (pause) You can now use your notebook. (pause) Here’s your Pepsi. (pause) Put your crap away, we’re landing.” You hardly have time to read. Who the hell gets their notebook out for the 6 minutes of usable time, anyway? I spend far more time in the airport waiting for the flight than I do with my butt in the far-too-small-for-normal-humans seat on the plane.

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Been A While…

11 Apr

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I have a good excuse. Two, actually. The first excuse is that I know no one really reads this thing (except for Paco, when Blam tells him to). But, more importantly, it’s because I’ve been busy at Artecha

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02 Apr

I’ll be the first to tell you I hated it when I moved to Dallas. But, I must admit it’s not as bad as I thought at first. It’s April 2nd (Dad’s birthday… gotta call him!) and I’m sitting on my deck playing poker and sipping coffee, while watching the birds at the feeder. Life is good.

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