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Poker and Programming

22 May

While I’m on this contract, I don’t have much to do at night. So, I play poker. A lot of poker. I’m finally starting to get good at it. The other day I won a small tourney where the 1st place winner got a free entry into a 4-week mentoring program in PSO. I’m excited for that.
Life is still good in Artechaland. (That’s the name of the amusement park we’ll open someday. It’ll have rides with names like “The Non-Deterministic Form_Load Event of Horror”. I expect it to be a real hit with the kids.) The client has rented me an apartment in OKC, so I’m able to bring more clothes/computers/etc up. I’ll drive up tomorrow morning with that stuff, so I’ll even have my own car with me.

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01 May

There are ads on the radio now for Botox injections to control excessive underarm sweating. Apparently, Botox can make something that works “too well” in your body stop. So, here’s my idea… mandatory penile botox injections for sex offenders. Have a patent attorney call me.

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