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Google Arrogance??

23 Sep

This article from the Wall Street Journal talks about Yahoo!’s new webmail client, comparing it to Google’s Gmail. Now, I don’t care one bit about Yahoo!’s new stuff, because Gmail does what I need it to do. But, I’m struck by this quote: “But I’m not sure Google’s arrogance will ever make room for user preferences.”
What a dork. It’s funny how creating a disruptive technology that everyone loves and growing to be a giant will suddenly make people turn on you. Google has to be just about the coolest company on the planet, cranking out cool toy after cool toy, and turning them over to the Internet at large for free. They’ve been the media darling for ever, and no geek would be caught dead without the add-ins for either Firefox or Internet Explorer installed on their machine. So, why this sudden negativity? Google got where they are by by producing stuff that is simple, easy to use, and just works. That’s arrogance?

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