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XBox Live updated

06 Jan

I just updated my XBox Live account to work with 360, and I changed my gamertag to be KyleBits. If you want to add me and your tag isn’t obvious who you are, please email me to let me know who the invite is coming from!

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Christmas in the new Davis household

06 Jan

Christmas came a little late this year. Ok, that’s not entirely true, since my family got me some spiffy DVDs and CDs from my Amazon wishlist, and they came on time. But, every year there’s one present — the present that makes Christmas, and I just bought it for myself yesterday. Amazingly, it’ll arrive today. Yes, in a few hours, I’ll have an XBox 360.

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SBC update

03 Jan

I threw ’em out. Well, the one part of them I could throw out, anyway. I ordered DirectTV and they put an HD dish on my balcony. So, that’s one problem solved. I really have no choice but to keep SBC for the DSL line and the landline (which the dish needs). So, I’ll grudgingly keep them, but I reserve the right to bitch about them!

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