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Curious Events and an XBox 360

18 Jan

The story of my dead xbox, intertwined with someone’s attempt to (I believe) defraud Gamestop…

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Gone Fishin’

06 Jan

I just got a fish tank back the other day. When I moved into the house, I had picked up a 100 gallon tank and gave the 44 gallon pentagon to my friend John. Now he’s moving back to Boston, so I get it back.

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Christmas and New Year’s

03 Jan

For Christmas and New Years, I was in Kure Beach, NC, visiting my father and his wife Kathleen. My sister Heather, her husband Adam, and her 3 boys (Joshua, Elijah, and Joseph) made the trip up from Florida for the same time period. I’m trying something new this time … rather than host the pictures on server, I’m using Google’s PicasaWeb. If it works out well, I’ll move all my pics to their server.

The trip to the go kart place was for Elijah’s birthday. Most of these pictures are from Christmas day, with most of the rest from New Year’s Eve. We had a great time, and made some great friends … some of which I hope to see again soon…

Click here for the pictures.

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