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Move Progress

29 Jun

Yesterday (the 28th) was the first day of the move. I packed up a few computers, various odds and ends, and the cats, for the drive down to Houston in the XTerra. I got some “kitty valium” from the vet before the drive, and the cats were quite baked during the trip. This is good, because Grapenut does not handle the car well.
I got the cats settled, the gas hooked up, and set up DSL. Now I just need to wait for the rest of my stuff to arrive (part 2 of the move is Monday) before I figure out what to do with all the extra space I have now. I’ve got an office and a guest room. I’ve got a huge area next to the kitchen that I’d think was a dining room, if it weren’t for the actual dining room. I’ve got a “game room” on the way out to the back yard. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to put in all of these places. We’ll see.

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Vegas in a Nutshell

28 Jun

First and foremost, no, I didn’t cash in either of the WSOP events I played. But, I’m quite pleased with my play, and on the 2nd event, I came very close before my pocket Kings fell to pocket Aces … held by two people at once! (At least I had outs and they didn’t!) The other games (craps, blackjack, pai-gow) were choppy, but I came home not down too much.

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WSOP 2007

20 Jun

It’s that time again, my friends… time for the World Series of Poker. This year I’m making the trip without Jeff (the bastard decided LASIK was more important than poker and craps!) and without my new-found poker buddy Robyn, but I’m going with plenty of great friends. Many, like Steve & Laura and Durbin, made the trip last year. Some, like Haley, are new to the annual pilgrimage. But all of us will have a great time. I plan to play in events 35 and 38 [schedule]. Most of the group will only play in 38. I’ll post trip updates here as I can. Wish us luck!

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Washington, DC

17 Jun

I just got back from DC, where I spent 4 days with Beckie and the kids. Ok, technically, I’m not back, I’m on the plane, typing this up on my new OQO model 2. But, only the geekiest among you (and there are a few) will be following the OQO link right now, and most will be wondering how our first vacation together went. In a word: Great!

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Movin’ On

11 Jun

So, it’s time to bring up a topic I haven’t wanted to write about until now… not because I’m not excited, but because I didn’t want to jinx anything. Since March, I’ve been seeing someone new. Her name is Beckie. She’s got 2 great kids (Josh,16, and Kate, 12). She’s smart and beautiful and sexy. and unfortunately she lives in Houston.

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