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Drought Season My Ass

19 Jul

So, I’ve been lead to believe, both by what I’ve been told, and by my now 6 years of experience living in Texas, that July and August are “drought season”. We sit here sweltering, begging for rain to rejuvenate our yellow lawns. It goes along with the saying “there are 3 seasons in Texas: summer, July and August.” Not so this year! It has rained pretty much every day for the last month here in Houston. My lawn is a swamp! There’s just nowhere for the water to go … and no end in sight.

The house is coming along nicely. I still haven’t set up the office fully … but that’s always the hardest part for me. I’m hoping to tackle it some more tomorrow. The kitchen is done, the living room is 95% done, and the bedroom is done except for hanging artwork. The guest room and the dining room are still just storage for stuff I haven’t figured out what to do with yet. By next weekend, I’ll have most of that stuff dealt with, and I will have cleaned out the guest room so I can prepare it for furniture … which I will buy just as soon as someone tells me they’re visiting. So, c’mon down!

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The Move Fiasco

03 Jul

Well, yesterday was the big move. It was actually the most unprofessional move I’ve ever had, and I’ve now used 5 different moving companies over the last 15 years. This one was Progressive Moving, who have a presence in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. My rep is Jimmy Wright, and I’m waiting to hear from him. Read on for the story…

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