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The Art of Installing Visual Studio 2008

14 Apr

After wasting about a week troubleshooting various problems related to my Visual Studio installations, I thought I’d share the solution to 3 problems I ran across. Several people have asked questions related to these on the various forums, but the answers are hard to find …

PROBLEM #1 – If you’re installing VS 2008 Professional on Windows Vista, and it tells you to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 before you can proceed: Copy the contents of your VS 2008 DVD into a folder on your C: drive called “Disk 1” and install from there. Who knows why this works, but it does. (Incidentally, I didn’t have this problem installing Standard, only Professional.)

PROBLEM #2 – Microsoft says you need to “repair” your Windows Mobile 6 SDK installation after installing VS 2008. You’ll have much better luck if you uninstall the SDK before you install VS 2008, then re-install it using the “Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh” packages.

PROBLEM #3 – visual Studio setup fails installing various components. Until you’re done installing everything you need to install, disable the UAC, disable your antivirus, and stop the Windows Update service. And, as in Problem #1 above, things seem to be more stable if you install from a C: drive folder than from a DVD or ISO.

I hope this saves someone some time. I wish it was all consolidated into one place last week while I was going nuts …

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