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Don’t Use Pet Butler, or Home Task

27 Jul

After 3.5 months of wrangling with them for a refund, and not getting one, I’m here to tell you why YOU SHOULD NOT USE PET BUTLER, OR THEIR PARENT COMPANY HOMETASK. There are other alternatives for you to choose.

I signed up for Pet Butler (sometimes spelled PetButler) for pet waste removal (poop scoop service) in Katy, TX. The local franchise is run out of Houston, and also server Sugar Land and Cypress. But, they are a subsidiary of HomeTask out of Seattle, and they service all kinds of cities.

When I signed up, they made me pay for a month of service in advance, which I paid with my debit card. Fine.  But, right away, they missed a scheduled date. By that, I mean the very first day. So, I contacted them and asked what happened. They said there was some confusion with the local guy, and they’d be out the next scheduled day. Fine.

The next week, the guy didn’t show up for one of the scheduled visits. I contacted them again, and asked what was up. They emailed back that he said he was there, and was I sure he didn’t service my lawn? Yep, the large piles of “no way you could miss these, my yard is tiny!” dog poop indicate that he didn’t come. They apologized.

The week after that, he didn’t show one day again. So, I emailed HomeTask and said “that’s it, three strikes, cancel my service, and give me a refund”. They assured me that they would refund $67.57 … which is less than half of the $144 I originally paid, but hey, he did show up a couple times.

That assurance that I’d get a refund check was three and a half months ago. In that time, I’ve emailed HomeTask (parent to Pet Butler) repeatedly asking where the check was. Every time, they call me and apologize and tell me that the “operations manager” (to whom I’ve never been able to speak) says the check will go out “today”. Every. Freaking. Time.

Last time (two weeks ago), I told them if I didn’t get it in a week, there would be a BBB complaint filed. I was busy, so I actually waited 2 weeks. But, today I made good on that. The BBB complaint is against HomeTask because Pet Butler doesn’t exist in their DB as an entity to complain against. And, frankly, it’s HomeTask who is supposed to be sending me the money anyway. But, let’s not forget, it’s Pet Butler in Houston (Katy) that screwed it up at first. It’s Pet Butler’s parent (in Seattle) that’s screwing up the refunds.

I still haven’t heard from them. I assume I will never see this money. They have no intention of refunding my money, for services never rendered. I have an email trail showing they know I need a refund, but it never comes. They’re just hoping I’ll go away so they can keep my money.

Well, I’m not going away quietly. What I want now is my original $144. And, I’m going to keep telling people “DO NOT USE PET BUTLER OR HOMETASK, BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU” until I get it. It doesn’t matter what city you’re in. It was Houston that messed up, but it’s corporate that refuses to make good. they could have sent a check for $67 right away, as a respectably company would do.  Now, they need to send all $144.

So… if you want to find poop scoop service near you, click here for  a list of companies, with Pet Butler and HomeTask removed from the mix.



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