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Pet Butler update

01 Aug

As previously noted, I have an ongoing dispute with Pet Butler in Houston, who you should absolutely not use.

I had filed a BBB complaint, and I just got my response.  Please note that I’ve been dealing with these people at HomeTask for 3.5 months, and all they have ever said is “your check will be sent right away”.  Now, I get this, via the BBB complaint reporting system:

You sent this complaint to HomeTask, the franchisor for Pet Butler.  While we own the brand, the billing is direct with each location, so each location is responsible for their own refunds.

The name of the franchise owner, address and email address that should be contacted regarding this case are:

Kyle Scappaticci
34050 Wadsworth
Livonia, MI 48150

Thank you for letting me know if you have further questions.

Oh, that’s nice. Thanks for punting it now.  This is a completely disingenuous response, meant solely to dodge a BBB complaint. If billing/refunds were handled elsewhere, they should have told me back in April.

According to the Home Task page, Kyle Scappaticci is the local franchise guy. In other words, the guy that botched my service. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll get right on the refund.  

Turns out there’s another local Houston guy. According to the Pet Butler page, Brad Cook services Houston too.  I know nothing about this guy, since he didn’t service me.   Sorry, Brad. Unfortunately for you, you’ve got some other clown giving Houston Pet Butler a bad name. Maybe you can help me get my refund to clear your own name of this nonsense?

In my web travels, I found another person not happy with her Pet Butler service here in Houston. So, I’m not alone. Honestly, be safe – don’t use them.

To recap: Pet Butler Houston made me pre-pay, gave me terrible service forcing me to cancel, and has so far refused to issue me a promised refund, 3.5 months later. There are other alternatives for you to choose (that link will take you to poop scoop companies in Houston, with Pet Butler removed from the list).

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