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So, yeah… so much for that.

28 Jan

I’m sure you know this, reader, since the only flippin’ reason you’d be here is that you know me, but personal blogs are about posting shit that happens… and shit happens. So, yeah, today my divorce is final.

Not really much more to say on the topic. Today closes the book on a period of my life that started out with a bang, made me pretty damn happy for a short period of time, then became a slow burn of frustration that turned into a Very Bad Time™ for me.

Onward and upward …

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So it begins

30 Nov

Since this blog is pretty much only read by family, everyone that reads it knows by now, things have been a little tough between me and Beckie of late. Finally, on Monday November 15th, I made the tough decision that I simply needed out of the marriage.  I spoke to an attorney on the 17th, who filed a simple petition for divorce on Friday the 19th.

The original post that was here, outlining the ridiculousness of her counter-petition, has been removed. It served its purpose. She stopped being such an ass, and became much more reasonable about splitting up our property.  In the end, it’s going to cost me more money than it should, but we should be able to get the divorce over with in a reasonable amount of time.

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